Commenting on today’s announcement that the Government is to bring forward the effective date from which the state pension age will only become payable at 68,  Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union said:,


“Over recent years teachers have already faced hugely detrimental changes to their occupational pensions, compounded by year after year of real term cuts to their pay.  Now on top of all this they, like six million other workers in the UK, are being told they are to be denied access to their state pension until they are even older.


“This Government is clearly determined to make teachers ‘work until they drop’, in a profession already recognised as one of the most stressful in the country.”


Today’s announcement brings forward the planned increase in the state pension age,  which had been due to take effect in 2044 to 2037, directly impacting and pushing back by up to a year when anyone born between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978 will be entitled to start receiving their state pension.


The NASUWT remains in dispute with the Government over adverse changes to teachers’ pensions, including the arbitrary decision to increase their normal pension age.


The announcement today will deepen the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, and further demoralise teachers who are being made to pay the price for the failure of the Government’s economic policies.

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The July 2017 North Yorkshire Newsletter

170707 NYFED Newsletter July 17

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Commenting on today’s announcement by the Secretary of State for Education of a £1.3 billion funding boost for schools, and support for schools in becoming more efficient , Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT – The Teachers’ Union said:,


“This appears to be a recycled announcement of recycled money, reflecting previous ministerial statements.


“It is unclear whether this funding will be new money, or simply existing school funding which is to be recycled.


“There is no guarantee that it will be sufficient to ensure that the Conservative Party’s manifesto pledge, that no school will lose out because of the National Funding Formula, will be met.


“The NASUWT has argued consistently that the quantum of school funding intended to accompany the National Funding Formula was too low, and has maintained that no school should lose real terms funding as a result of changes to the National Funding Formula.


“With regard to the Secretary of State’s announcement that the DfE would be supporting schools to become more efficient, they have been doing this for years to no avail. Since 2010, the excessive freedoms and flexibilities they have given to schools, and their obsessive focus on deregulation, has left the Government powerless to control spending at school level. Consequently spending on vanity projects, duplication of services, consultancy fees and the wares of a multitude of ‘snake-oil salesman’ has increased, while spending on teachers has decreased.


“Despite the announcement schools are still no clearer on the formula for funding schools for 2018/19. The uncertainty therefore continues.”


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Treasury Ministers clinging to the wreckage of failed public sector pay policy


Commenting on the recent statements by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on public sector pay and his claims of a 10% pay premium for public sector workers, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT-the teachers’ union said:


“Yet another Government minister seeks to promulgate misleading information in an attempt to mask the Government’s shameful record on public sector pay and the adverse impact of the unnecessary pay cap on workers delivering vital services to the public.


“Only two weeks ago the Chief Secretary to the Treasury was making equally misleading claims in Parliament about teachers’ pay. The NASUWT has written to her requesting that her statements be corrected.


“The Treasury is clinging to the wreckage of a policy which has driven education and many other public services to  crisis point and vainly hoping the public won’t notice.”

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The NASUWT – the teachers Union, with Unite – the Union, has formed an historic partnership between unions in Gibraltar and Spain to form the Southern inter-regional trade union (IRTUC).


This new initiative will ensure, that following the Brexit vote, the voice of Gibraltar’s teachers and other workers will be heard and their interests protected.


The people of Gibraltar are facing a period of deep concern and uncertainty and the NASUWT, as the only union representing teachers and school leaders in Gibraltar, will continue to provide full support to protect the interests of members.


The IRTUC aims to promote inter-regional cooperation, ensure the border is kept open with Spain and to tackle economic and social issues on Gibraltar.


Its members are the NASUWT / Gibraltar Teachers’ Association, Unite – the Union, the Unión General de Trabajadores (UGT) and Comisiones Obreras (CC.OO).


Chris Keates, NASUWT General Secretary said:

“The NASUWT is committed to working with sister unions internationally to achieve our shared goals.


“Following the UK’s EU referendum it is more vital than ever to ensure that Gibraltar’s voice is heard and its interests respected.


“The IRTUC will now form a key element of this approach and shows our commitment to ensuring fair and just rights for teachers and other workers in Gibraltar in the post-Brexit era.”


NASUWT President Fred Brown, who was present at the launch of this historic partnership in the IRTUC said:


“We are committed to addressing  the social and labour related problems of workers.


“We will work together with our IRTUC sister unions to address the complex and varied problems faced by workers crossing the border.


“Brexit must not be allowed to impact negatively on workers or on the quality and stability of their employment.”

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Taylor Report Offers Little to Address Inequalities Faced by UK Supply Teachers

Taylor Report Offers Little to Address Inequalities Faced by UK Supply Teachers



Commenting on today’s release of the Taylor Review into Modern Working Practices, the NASUWT has expressed great disappointment at its failure to address the on-going exploitation of thousands of UK supply teachers by many employment agencies, whose practices continue to deny them access to their deserved employment rights and fair levels of pay.


Despite acknowledging that a lack of regulatory enforcement was enabling unscrupulous employers to get away with abuse, discrimination and unfair working practices, the review surprisingly does not recommend Government intervention.


In a recent NASUWT survey of UK supply Teachers, conducted in May 2017, more than 40% reported that although they were employed to perform duties as a qualified teacher, they were only offered unqualified rates of pay.


This is on top of being denied access to rights such as sick pay, training and annual leave, and in many cases being forced to pay a payroll fee and fund their employer‘s National Insurance contributions as well as their own.


Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said


“This report signally fails to address the misery, woeful treatment and exploitation experienced by thousands of supply teachers working for agencies, this is a huge missed opportunity, only compounded by the suggestion that there is no need for Government to act.


“While new ways of working and employing people are constantly being created, exploitation is as old as the hills. The test for all these recommendations must be do they effectively tackle exploitation and prevent those who would engage in it from being able to do so?


“The failure to truly address this issue, especially in school environments, is not only leading to many great teachers being driven out of the profession, but is all the more shocking given the review’s suggestion that teachers need to take greater responsibility for educating young people for the future world of work.


“The Government must act immediately and take direct action to strengthen the enforcement of the Agency Workers’ Regulations if it is to genuinely deliver fairness at work for agency workers. It must also set out a coherent strategy that secures the rights of all workers.”



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Commenting on the School Teachers’ Review Body’s 27th Report on the 2017/18 pay award for teachers in England and Wales, Ms Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT –  the teachers’ union said:


“The situation on teachers’ pay, after year on year cuts, is now so dire that even though the Review Body was forced to conduct its deliberations under unacceptable pressure from the DfE and the Treasury to maintain the pay cap, it has not been deterred from doing what it can, and has broken through the cap, at least for some of the lowest paid teachers, awarding them 2%. For that it should be congratulated.


“The Review Body clearly continues to be deeply concerned and, while maintaining the 1% cap for other teachers, once again it has warned the Government that new and more experienced teachers continue to be paid less than other graduate professions making it difficult to recruit and retain high quality graduates as teachers.


“Everyone except the Government appears to accept that there is a crisis in teacher supply. A crisis which will continue to deepen while the pay cap and cuts continue, while schools use the excessive freedoms and flexibilities, given to them by the Government, to deny teachers even 1% and while teachers are crushed by excessive workload.


“It is disgraceful that, despite all the evidence of the detriment teachers, delivering one of the most vital of our public services, are suffering, the Government determines to maintain the pay cap.“


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