Treasure Island or Banana Republic?

Some of us have long been convinced that we live on Treasure Island, by that we mean for the Banksters, Oil cartels, privatised or was it Piratised Utilities, as they seem to have free reign to hike their prices and take a cut Mafiosi style. Recently the newspaper reads like a copy of ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’; increasing food banks, concerns about a spare room, real fear over performance at work with plenty of workers keen for the same job – we are moving back in time just like Marty Mcfly but without the DeLorean.
We know that for generations the Capitalists have bankrolled the party of the right and the Unions supported that of the left. It seems concerning when a neo-liberal prime minister suggests that Trade Union law needs ‘altering’ to reduce lobbying? The Commons debate was back before the cameras today.
The truth of the matter is that the period 1997 to 2010 was very unusual in respect of industrial relations in Education. We were listened to, we didn’t always get what we wanted but our opinion mattered. Now we all need to realise that normal relations have been resumed, our opinion just doesn’t not matter to Darth Gove, it is seen as a negative irritant.
He attacks our Pensions, Professionalism, Jobs, Workload, class sizes, and now PAY AND SALARIES, his next target is conditions of service. Its time to get active, to fight back.
An NQT doing two hours work a night effectively earns less than £9 net an hour.
There is only one thing to do with a Sec of State like this and that is to make our voice heard, as loud as possible. Act now, write to your MP, get to the nearest meeting, march on the protest rallies, come out on strike when it is called, stick to the ASOSA.

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