Parents, teachers, headteachers, governors and members of the public from across the East Midlands and Greater London will be gathering this Saturday (14 September) for the latest in the programme of hugely successful Rallies for Education, which are part of the NASUWT and NUT campaign to defend the education of children and young people.

The Rallies for Education are organised jointly by the NASUWT and the NUT teachers’ unions, which together represent nine out of ten classroom teachers across the country.

Saturday’s rallies are being held in Nottingham and London and will be addressed by NASUWT General Secretary Chris Keates and NUT General Secretary Christine Blower, as well as parents, teachers, governors, headteachers and young people.

Previous Rallies for Education held earlier this year saw thousands of parents, teachers, grandparents and concerned members of the public packing out venues across England to voice their anger about the damaging impact of the Coalition Government’s education policies.

Further Rallies for Education will be held on 21 September in Exeter and Cambridge.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:

“These rallies give parents and the public an important opportunity to come together to demonstrate their widespread concern about the education policies of the Coalition Government and to join the fight to protect our world-class schools.

“Parents, teachers and the public care deeply about the education of our children and young people.

“We have been struck by the depth of anger and disappointment expressed by parents, governors and young people at our previous rallies.”

Christine Blower, NUT General Secretary, said:

“The rallies have presented a positive vision and voice for education.

“This is in stark contrast to the Coalition Government, whose continual denigration of our schools, teachers and pupil attainment has caused widespread dismay. This, alongside a backdrop of perpetual changes to school structures and education policies, often ignoring the opinions and wishes of parents and professionals, has left many sectors of society angry and frustrated. We need to stand up for an education system that works for all pupils and teachers.”

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