Members of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, will hold two days of strike action tomorrow (7 May) and Thursday (8 May) at Shrewsbury Sixth-Form College in Shropshire. The action has been called as a result of staff restructuring proposed by the College and the implications of the proposals for workload and pay, which could impact adversely on the quality of education provision for students.


Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:


“When organisations restructure it is essential that it is done on the basis of enhancing the standard of provision of education for their students.


“Restructuring which is carried out without proper consultation and which is driven by budgetary considerations, resulting in excessive workload and adverse impact on the recruitment and retention of staff is not in the best interests of either the young people at the College or its staff.


“The NASUWT has made every effort to secure an agreed way forward through negotiation, but the College has refused to listen to the serious concerns of teachers over these restructuring plans.


“No teacher at the College wishes to take strike action. They are all dedicated and committed members of staff but they have been left with no choice.


“These strikes can be avoided if there is a commitment by the employer to engage in genuine negotiation on the proposals and to take seriously the deep professional concerns of teachers.


“The NASUWT stands ready to meet to resolve this dispute.”


Ingrid Reeds, NASUWT National Executive Member for Shropshire, said:


“NASUWT members at the College have serious concerns that the proposed restructuring will result in excessive workloads for teachers which will in turn have an adverse impact on the quality of education received by students.


“We will continue to make every effort to find a resolution to this dispute so that further strike action can be avoided.”




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