Commenting on the publication of the 24th School Teachers’ Review Body report on the teachers’ pay award for 2014-15, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:


“The 1% pay award continues four years of deep cuts to teachers’ pay.


“Recent independent reports have shown that over 50% of teachers are having to cut expenditure on essential items such as food and over 30% are living on credit and loans.


“Young teachers particularly are struggling as, on top of pay cuts and increased pension contributions, they are also having to pay back student loans.


“As a result of the Coalition Government’s public sector pay policy of freeze and cap, teachers have lost thousands of pounds since 2011.


“A recently appointed teacher is over £2,500 worse off, a teacher with six years’ experience is over £3,500 worse off and more experienced teachers are nearly £4,500 worse off.


“The assault on pay, combined with the attacks on teachers’ pensions, excessive workload, punitive accountability and job loss are a toxic mix, making teaching increasingly unattractive.


“Resignations from the profession are up and applications for teacher training are down.


“This is no way to run our public education system. Our children and young people deserve better.”


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