Responding to the publication of Ofsted’s reports into allegations of extremism in some Birmingham schools, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:


“Amidst the feeding frenzy of leaked reports, numerous investigations, politicians taking chunks out of each other and months of rumour and speculation, what has been forgotten is that in the middle of all this are teachers trying their best to support children and young people, many of whom are taking critical exams.


“The NASUWT will be studying the Ofsted reports in detail. Our priority is to support our members who are under great pressure and stress.


“Whatever the findings of those reports, what is absolutely clear is that they must not be allowed to make schools carry the can for what are the clear failures of Ofsted and government.


“Ofsted dropped the ball when it stopped inspecting how schools tackle race equality and when it was no longer required to inspect how schools meet their duty with regard to community cohesion.


“The Government has fragmented the school system, removed local democratic accountability and has conferred excessive school autonomy onto a school governance system that it is widely accepted is not fit for purpose.


“It is this which needs to be accepted and addressed. It is unacceptable for children and staff to continue to pay the price and for local communities to be scapegoated and pilloried.”

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