Chris Head, North Yorkshire Federation Secretary for NASUWT, reports on the DEBATE WITH TRISTRAM HUNT AT LABOUR PARTY FRINGE MEETING

NASUWT: North Yorkshire Federation
The Largest Teachers’ Union in North Yorkshire

Chris Head, North Yorkshire Federation Secretary for NASUWT, reports on the DEBATE WITH TRISTRAM HUNT AT LABOUR PARTY FRINGE MEETING

At a packed fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester organised by the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union NASUWT General Secretary Chris Keates and Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt addressed delegates at the Beyond 2015: Reclaiming the Classroom fringe, chaired by NASUWT National Officer Brian Cookson.

Their contributions were followed by a wide ranging debate with delegates.

Chris Keates said:

“There is a clear narrative for Labour to develop which transcends school structures which have been the hallmark of this government and focuses on what every school should be delivering for all children and young people.

“Labour should champion the public service ethos and values of democratic accountability, social justice and equality.

“The agenda needs to focus on national entitlements including the right for all children and young people to be taught by a qualified teacher, to access a broad and balanced curriculum, and to be taught by teachers who are given the time, resources and scope to make the fullest possible use of their professional talents, knowledge and expertise.”


Tristram Hunt said: “I pay tribute to the work that teachers do at every stage, week in week out.

“Teaching is at the absolute core of our schools policy. After the relentless structural reforms of recent years we want to follow the best academic evidence which shows it is the quality of teaching in the classroom which makes a difference.

“We are going to move away from these structural reforms to focus on what really matters.

“We want all teachers to be qualified or working towards Qualified Teacher Status. We do not think the answer to improving quality in teaching is to get rid of requirements to training.

“We want to strip out much of the unnecessary paperwork that teachers are battling with. Heads are gold plating and overloading teachers with unnecessary paperwork.

“A good strong leader in a school does not overload their teachers with unnecessary bureaucracy.”

Chris Head added his support for North Yorkshire Council in their engagement with NASUWT to work for better conditions for staff so they can do their best in supporting the youngsters in their care.

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