Vote for Education


As you know, since the Lobbying Bill became law in September, it is now very difficult to write about political issues on an open Trade Union blog such as this one. As a third party interest group how can the media be exempt? I think you know the answer.

Other social media sites write about; 3.7 million children living below the poverty line, 4.3 million families receiving in work benefits, 700,000 on zero hours contracts, 200,000 on Workfare, over 900,000 food banks all in one of the top five richest countries in the world.

Tomorrow is polling day and the result will have a profound impact on all our lives as teachers but also as UK citizens.
As teachers do we want more privatization and reduced conditions of service from a Government following a Neo-liberal agenda or do we want a Government that is willing to listen and work in partnership with us? In the last three editions of the North Yorkshire Newsletter I have pointed out the significant differences in government attitude to schools and actions towards teachers before 2010 and since. National NASUWT election literature highlights similar issues.

Please vote tomorrow and vote for education.

Chris Head NASUWT North Yorkshire County Secretary

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