A quote from Sir Michael Wilshaw

Michael Wilshaw speaking at the ASCL conference on 4 March;

‘We do not have a prescriptive idea of what teaching should look like, how books should be marked, feedback provided or progress assessed. We are only interested in whether it works.

As I have already outlined I have taken some important steps to reduce the unnecessary pressure and burden of inspection.

You must do so as well by not using Ofsted as a management tool to do what should be done as a matter of routine…. A weak head uses the fear of Ofsted as an unnecessary crutch to compensate for poor leadership.

So please don’t spend an inordinate amount of time preparing for inspection, which for most schools will now only come round every three years and will last for just a day. Please don’t expend precious time and resources on game-playing and ‘Mocksteads’. And please try to refrain from providing a living for those consultancy charlatans still claiming to know what Ofsted is for.’

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