Commenting on the publication of the Key Stage 2 SATs results today, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in the UK, said:


“The NASUWT congratulates teachers for their hard work in ensuring that children have access to high quality teaching and are able to progress and achieve during their time in primary school.


“It is regrettable that the publication of Key Stage 2 SATs results today has been marred by the Government’s mishandling of curriculum and assessment reforms which has created deep anxiety, confusion and uncertainty for pupils and schools.


“As the Secretary of State has said herself, these results cannot and should not be compared to previous years’ results.


“Despite the efforts of teachers and pupils, the value of this year’s test results will be poured over and questioned and schools face the prospect of being held to account unfairly on the basis of this year’s results data.


“The NASUWT reiterates its call for the Government to commit to conducting an open review of all of the issues surrounding this year’s tests and ensure that we have a system of assessment that is fit for purpose and commands the confidence of teachers and the public.”


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