The lack of work/life balance is leaving teachers increasingly exhausted, stressed and unable to give their best to the pupils they teach, the Annual Conference of the NASUWT-The Teachers’ Union, has heard today.


86% of teachers in an online NASUWT survey cite excessive workload as the greatest concern they have about their job.


Representatives at the Conference, which is being held in Manchester, called for greater enforcement and action by Governments, administrations, inspectorates and employers to recognise that teachers’ work/life balance is key in ensuring high quality education for all children and young people.


Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:


“Teachers who are worn out and run down by the excessive demands being placed upon them will not be able to give their best to their students.


“Being able to rest and recharge is vital in maintaining energy, enthusiasm and morale-all key components of high-quality teaching.


“The evidence that workload is blighting the lives of teachers and is a major contributory factor to the teacher supply crisis is irrefutable.


“Governments and administrations must commit urgently to the action necessary to bring downward pressure on teachers’ workload and working hours.


“The situation is simply unsustainable. Action is needed now to support the profession and the education of our children and young people.”




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