NASUWT Comments on Primary Principal’s Letter

NASUWT Comments on Primary Principal’s Letter


Commenting on the letter from 140 Primary Principals across Northern Ireland who have written to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and to local politicians in relation to the continued threats to school budgets.


Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union in Northern Ireland said:


“This is a critical time for Education in Northern Ireland. The figures released by the Principals’ group this morning outline how much is needed just for budgets to stand still.


“While it is unclear what the future governmental arrangements are for Northern Ireland any future administration must make education a day one priority and engage directly with the NASUWT to resolve the trade dispute on pay, pensions, and conditions of service including workload and job loss”


Justin McCamphill, National Official Northern Ireland, said:


“The letter from the Principals’ Group is a timely reminder of what is at stake when politicians fail to reach agreement. The 2.5% cut proposed by the Secretary of State on top of the 5% cut which has already been imposed on education will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back if it is allowed to proceed.


“The children and young people of Northern Ireland deserve better. They are entitled to a high quality education while their teachers deserve to be fairly rewarded for providing that education.


“The NASUWT remains fully committed to defending the interests of our members both in the classroom and at leadership level and will continue our campaign of industrial action to protect our members’ jobs and to resist further cuts.”


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