EPI Report on the National Funding Formula and School Funding

NASUWT comment on EPI Report on the National Funding Formula and School Funding


Responding to a report issued by the Education Policy Institute, the NASUWT, the teachers’ union has highlighted the need for significant additional investment to accompany any changes to the National Funding Formula.


Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said:


“The NASUWT has argued relentlessly for increased investment in schools and also that it is unacceptable for any school to be a loser under the National Funding Formula.


“The Government’s current funding levels are, in reality, a cut in school spending in real terms, continuing the year on year cuts schools have faced since 2010.


“The cuts to funding are being exacerbated by the uncertainty schools are facing as a result of the Government’s failure to make its intentions clear on the future of school funding, and on the National Funding Formula in particular.


“Given that the last Conservative Government proposed that the National Funding Formula will be used to fund schools from April next year onwards, it will be a disgrace if the summer term comes to an end with schools having no clarity from this Conservative Government about what the future of funding holds to enable them to plan with confidence.”


Published earlier today, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) Report identified the impact on schools of removing the floor protections in the NFF to pay for the removal of the cap for those potentially set to gain.


Removing floor protections in the NFF would be disastrous for many schools serving deprived communities.


The report also focuses on the cost of ensuring no schools would lose per pupil funding in the formula, estimating that this would be £2.3 billion per year by 2020-21, £1.3 billon more than currently promised in the Conservative Party Manifesto.


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